COVID-19 Update & Gym Changes

Hello Everyone –

Here are some further updates to our gym in order to remain open and function as safely as we can. Since we are a boutique gym which requires a lot of space for each member, we hope to continue to serve clients and maintain social distancing. These changes go into effect starting tomorrow morning and will remain in effect for the foreseeable future.

Our schedule has been updated to limit regular class sizes to 10 participants, and open gym from 5 to 8 people max. If you are not registered for class you will not be allowed to train in the gym.

Access our update schedule on our webpage: or via Google App Store or Apple App Store with your Wodify login.

You MUST pre-register for all classes you plan on attending. You can cancel your attendance up to 1 hour in advance of class. Every class will have a waitlist that will notify you if a spot clears up. We will monitor registration to make sure no one is “hording” classes, but please be a good CrossFitter 🙂

Starting Thursday morning, we will charge $5 for anyone who fails to cancel their registration prior to 1 hour to class starting. There are no exceptions to this.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but this should keep our maximum number of people in the gym at any time to under 25 people and no more than 15 people in each separate area. We will institute further restrictions on space if necessary.

We are still subject to State and Local regulations, so we plan to comply with any order in case they limit boutique gym usage.

Thanks for understanding!

P.S. Please note some classes are subject to last minute cancellation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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