Persist Week 1 Day 3

Crossfit Charlottesville – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

2 Sets

Clamshell Side Plank :20/ea side

10 Quadruped Thoracic Rotations

8 Cossack Squats/ Leg




Positional Hinge Strength (5-5-4-4-3)

Segmented Clean Deadlift; 3131; 5,5,4,4,3; rest 1-2mins between sets

*The segment deadlift is meant to have 3 very distinct pauses. Use lifting straps if you have them so your grip doesn’t limit you with this long time under tension. Make the pauses very deliberate.

Metcon (Time)

With a Running Clock Complete

5 Sets

4 Hang Power Cleans(135/95)

4 Box Jumps or BJ Step up(30/24)


5 sets

2 Power Clean+2 Hang Cleans(135/95)

4 Bar Facing Burpees


5 Sets

2 Power Cleans+2 Squat Cleans(135/95)

40 Double Unders

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