Monday Workout: 1 Rep Max Cleans

Time to practice your clean and set your PR.  Power clean or squat clean are ok.

Saturday Free Day: Good Morning Running, Pullups and Situps

Free Workout Today. Come by anytime between 10AM and Noon and get free instruction and learn about CrossFit.

Three Rounds for Time:

  • 400 M Run
  • 10 Pull Ups (Chest to Bar or Substitute Jumping Pullups)
  • 15 Good Mornings
  • 25 Situps


Friday Workout: Thrusters & Ring Dips

Reminder: Free Day has Moved to Saturday!

WOD for time (substitute box dips for ring dips if needed):

  • 30 ring dips, 4 thrusters (95# Men/ 65# Women)
  • 25 ring dips, 8 thrusters
  • 20 ring dips, 12 thrusters
  • 15 ring dips, 16 thrusters
  • 10 ring dips, 20 thrusters

And yes, CrossFit programming trained the actors in the movie “300.”

Thursday Workout: AMRAPing the SDHP, Push Press & Burpees


As many rounds as you can do in 20 minutes of:

  • 15 push presses (75# Men /50# Women)
  • 10 sumo deadlift high pull (75# Men /50# Women)
  • 5 burpees

CrossFit Week 4 Free Day 014

PS. ALWAYS POST YOUR SCORES TO OUR COMMENTS! Scores from yesterday below for review:

CrossFit Week 4 Free Day 017

Wednesday Workout: Filthy Free Day

Wednesday afternoons from 5 to 7PM are Free Days. Feel free to join our workouts as a drop in and get free instruction!  We will scale the workout to your athletic ability.

Workout: Filthy Free Day

25 Wall Balls (20# Men / 14# Women)

25 Pushups

25 Double Unders ( or 75 Jump Ropes or 25 Tuck Jumps)

25 Pullups (or Jumping Pullups)

25 Walking Lunges

25 Burpees

25 Air Squats

tom front squat

Tom’s almost 60.  Booya.

Tuesday Workout: Squats and Running

4 rounds for time of:

* 15 front squats (135#/95#)
* 400 meter run

Abs – 40 GHD sit ups
kelly moore crossfit hspu

Kelly Moore teaches paralette bar hand stand pushups.

Monday Workout: HSPU and C2B Pullups

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21, 15 & 9 rep rounds for time of:

* HSPU’s (hand stand push ups)
* C2B pull ups (chest to bar pull ups….that means your chest literally hits the bar)

Abs – 40 ABMAT sit ups

Forney fights the decepticons

Forney fights the decepticons

Sunday: We’re Closed

CrossFit Week 3 024

Kelly Moore competes in a powerlifting event.

Saturday Workout: Jumping Squats


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps of:

Jumping Squats (45# Men / 25# Women)

Med Ball Cleans (20# Men / 14# Women)

Friday Workout: Yay Burpees!

Member WOD:

Max One Rep Max Thruster

Max Pullups Without Dropping from Bar (substitute jumping pullups with no rest on ground)

Stop by anytime between 4:30 and 7PM for a free workout!

Three Rounds of:

Lunge the Length of the Mat

20 Burpees

P.S. Kelly Moore who has been around the CrossFit community for a while and admins the CrossFit message boards (watch this video, she’s also hardcore) is competing in a local powerlifting competition.  She’s gonna visit the box in afternoon, so stop by to meet her!