Thursday 6:45 class is CANCELED. Please make arrangements to come in for a different class that day. Open gym and C’ville Strength will still take place in the lower level. We apologize for any inconvenience.



3 x 6

Try to go slightly heavier than last week. Same weight across all work sets.

Exposure 6 of 8

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5 Rounds NOT for time:

3e Turkish Get-Ups
6-8e Suitcase Deadlift
400m Run

Focus on control and good positions on the TGUs––don’t just sloppily move through them. Keep your shoulderssquare and back set throughout the suitcase deadlifts. If you are feeling good, push it on the run.

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Snatch Pull + Hang Power Snatch + Overhead Squat

Start light and build to something heavy on the complex for the day. Focus on full extension in the pull, keeping the arms long and relaxed (this is not a high pull).

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10 rounds for time of:

5 Pull-ups, strict
10 Push-ups
30 Double-unders

-For the pull-ups, scale volume, use a band, or perform ring rows as appropriate. Keep perfect positions on the push-ups regardless of performing from the toes, knees, or elevated.

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Back Squat | WOD 10.30.17


Congrats to all who lifted in the Unrivaled Classic this past weekend. C’ville Strength had a strong showing, bringing home all the hardware!



3 × 5

Same weight across. Try to go slightly heavier than last week.

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3 Rounds for time of:
10 Ground-to-overhead, 95/65
200m Shuttle Sprint (50mx4)

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Park WOD Canceled

Due to the weather, we have canceled today’s scheduled Park WOD.


Team WOD 10/28/17

In Teams of 2,

AMRAP30, “Follow the Leader” Style:

10 Rounds (5 EACH):
40 Double Unders
20 Hang Power Snatches (95/65)
10 Rounds (5 EACH):
30 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)
15 Handstand Push Ups (Sub: Push Press (95/65))
10 Rounds (5 EACH):
20 Pistols (Sub: Goblet Squat (53/35))
10 Burpee Pull Ups

Bench Press/Deadlift | WOD 10.26.17

Good luck to Coach Cal and all the weightlifters competing this weekend at the Unrivaled Classic!
As a reminder, C’ville Strength is canceled this weekend, but feel free to come in and lift in during open gym hours.


A1) Bench Press – 3 x 6; rest 1 minute

A2) Deadlift – 3 x 5; rest 1 minute

Same weight across for each set. On the bench press we have dropped two reps per set. Try to go slightly heavier than last week.
The BP and DL are to be performed as a superset, so warm both barbells up, then perform a set of BP, rest about a minute, then perform a set of DL throughout all sets.

Exposure 5 of 8
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20 Minutes For Quality:

50m Single Arm Farmer Carry, moderate load – each arm
30 second Supinated Grip Bar Hang
30 second Wall Facing HS Hold
12 Lateral Box Step-ups – each leg

For these 20 minutes focus on quality movement, not rounds or volume. Keep your shoulders square on the SAFC, stay hollow on the HS Hold, and slow down and load the working leg both on the way up and down on the Step-ups.


Clean | WOD 10.26.17

Airrosti Hip Mobility Workshop - Flyer.jpg
Be sure to join us for a hip mobility workshop today during the 4:45pm and 5:45pm classes!


The triples and doubles do not have to be touch and go. Build per set to a heavy single on the day.


AMRAP in 8 minutes:
200m Run
16 Thrusters, 75/55
8 Toes to Bar

The load on the thruster should be light. Scale to hanging leg raises or hanging knee raises for the TTB.

Weekly Recovery WOD


Mobilize traps with lacrosse ball (0:34s) and work on back flexibility laying on foam roller: 10s hold with roller just below shoulder blades, mid-back, and lower back. Aim for shoulders and butt to touch the floor with legs extended but do not force (this will take time to open up. Increase time when able).

Shoulder strengthening: 3 round of:

10 single arm shoulder press with band; each arm (if no band, substitute wall slides) (2:05 mark in video)

10 banded external rotations with arm bent 90° (substitute wall taps if no band) (8min mark in video)

Glutes/hips/lower back strengthening: 3 round of

12 windshield wipers (on each side) (start video @ 0:30s)

12 single legged good mornings (6/leg)

FIRE sequence: 3 rounds of:

12 hollow rock to super man (start video @ 0:54s)

1min waiter’s walk per arm

10 KB halos in each direction

Hip stretch: seated forward fold (2min: do not force position; start video @ :40s)

Press | WOD 10.15.17

crossfit charlottesville_0618_preview.jpeg


3 x 6

We have dropped a couple reps, so try to go slightly heavier than last week. Same weight across all work sets.

Exposure 5 of 8

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EMOM for 15 minutes:

1 – 8-12 cal row
2 – 8-10 CTB Pull-ups
3 – 10 Box Jump step down, 24″/20″

The row should take no more than 45 seconds per round, so pick a calorie count and stick with it. For the CTB Pull-ups, scale to chin over bar or ring rows today. Scale the height on the box jumps as appropriate.

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Snatch | WOD 10.24.17

Crossfit Charlottesville_0071_preview.jpeg



EMOM for 10 sets:

High Hang Snatch x 2 reps

Start light and build per set. Focus on an extremely aggressive extension and pull under the bar.

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Exposure 5 of 8


5 rounds for time:

250m run
5 Power Snatch, 135/95lbs
5 Overhead Squats, 135/95lbs

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