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  • To create powerful humans.
  • To provide programming and coaching to both specialists and generalists who want to prioritize strength and power in their training.
  • To garner interest in the competitive sports of weightlifting and powerlifting.

Why come?

  • Perfect lifts are easy lifts: improving your lifting technique will improve your performance in other sports and CrossFit.
  • Life is easy when you’re strong: getting stronger will improve your performance in other sports and CrossFit.
  • CrossFit isn’t easy: the “sport of fitness” has no off-season, and sometimes you just need a break.
  • Loving barbells is easy: for many people, CrossFit is a gateway into the world of strength and power sports. Come and play.

When is it?

We meet 3 times a week, but making it to one class is better than none! Class times are:

  • Tuesday / Thursday: 6:30-8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00-12:30 pm
  • You can make-up missed barbell classes during open gym sessions (with no coaching)
  • Open Gym Times:
    • Monday: 6-9AM, 12-1PM, 4-745PM
    • Tuesday: 6-7AM, 8-9AM, 12-1PM, 4-8PM
    • Wednesday: 6-9AM, 12-1PM, 4-745PM
    • Thursday: 6-7AM, 8-9AM, 12-1PM, 4-8PM
    • Friday: 6-9AM, 12-1PM, 4-645PM
    • Saturday: 10-1PM
    • Sunday: 11-1230PM

Coaching Format:

There will be 4 coaching formats offered in C’ville Strength classes. We expect athletes to communicate with us about how they would like to be coached:

  1. Independent lifting with minimal coaching
    • This is an open gym setting, where athletes have selected their own program and generally want to be “left alone” to do their own lifting.
  2. Independent lifting with moderate coaching and advice on lifts and programming
    • Athletes work independently on a program that they have developed for themselves or with the advice of a coach. Athletes will ask for coaching on lifts when they feel like they need it.
  3. Being actively coached and advised throughout the entire class
    • Athletes are entirely dependent on the coaches. Athletes come to workouts ready to follow a standard program created by the coaches for them. Coaching will be very hands on, and attention to technique will be the primary focus.
  4. Private Training
    • If anyone wishes to have more one-on-one individualized coaching and programming, that person is free to discuss private training options with the coaches. This will cost extra.


We want to design workouts that work for you. Based on current demand, we are offering a basic to intermediate 4-day-per-week Olympic weightlifting (Oly) cycle. If we have enough interest, we will also offer basic to intermediate powerlifting cycles that utilize elements of Texas Method, Wendler’s 5/3/1 system and Simmons’s Conjugate Method.

The Oly workouts are designed to present a coherent, stand-alone program presented in 3-4 week cycles that alternate among prioritizing technique, strength or hypertrophy (building muscle mass). If you do all four Oly workouts each week, this should amount to between 70-100% of your overall training for the week. Some cycles will be more demanding than others, and all of the cycles will be more demanding as your technical proficiency in the Oly lifts increases.

For example, for some people, a “heavy single” on snatch is 70% of their bodyweight; for a more advanced lifter, the same prescription would have them snatching 110% of their bodyweight. Given the same prescribed workout of a “heavy single” on snatch, the demands on the body in terms of muscular and nervous-system recovery are quite different. Getting the right amount of weekly training (and the right amount of recovery) is essential to making progress and not burning out. If you haven’t already, please have a discussion with one of our coaches about how you are combining Barbell workouts and metabolic CrossFit WOD’s on a weekly basis.

3 thoughts on “Charlottesville Strength

  1. Jon, Elizabeth and Jenni are great trainers! If you haven’t yet been to Charlottesville Strength, you’re missing out!

    1. thanks, Martha!!! Love watching you get stronger and more technically proficient. Your hard work really pays off.

  2. I recently visited on a Saturday and couldn’t have felt more welcome. Great staff, great atmosphere!

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