Please refer to the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to learn more about CrossFit Charlottesville. You can also read CrossFit’s detailed Frequently Asked Questions section. Please contact us with additional questions.

About Us

CrossFit Charlottesville is home to men and women of all ages with a variety of athletic and non-athletic backgrounds. We offer small group classes led by certified trainers (at a fraction of the cost of any other personal training). Please note that we adjust all workouts to your athletic ability.

What is CrossFit?


CrossFit benefits everyone from the couch potato to the elite athlete. We believe fitness means being able to perform well in different movements and different time intervals. CrossFit athletes can perform well in a variety of different events. Our programming delivers clear results which are measurable and comparable. We burn fat like crazy and create the world’s best athletes with a scientifically-backed, evidence-based approach to fitness. Want to read more? Check out CrossFit’s “Foundations.”

What Will CrossFit Charlottesville Offer me?

  • Small-group, semi-private classes provide a careful and customized approach to your unique fitness abilities and goals
  • Certified Coaches teach you new functional movements and motivate you throughout the process
  • Organic fitness – use your body’s bio-mechanics, not overbuilt machines, to achieve results that help you in the real world
  • Variety – you will not be bored because our workouts are rarely repeated
  • Measurable results which improve over time and increase performance in any sport(s) in which you compete

How Much Does it Cost?

Membership Type

12 Month

6 Month

Month to Month

Regular Unlimited

$149 /month

$159 /month

$169 /month

Regular 3X/Week

$139 /month

$149 /month

$159 /month

Regular 2X/Week

$125 /month

$135 /month

$145/ month

There are 10% discounts for students, Veterans and active duty military.

What is the Drop-In/Visit Fee?

Drop-ins are $20, but if you are in town for a week or so, we will work with you on a discounted drop in rate. Just email info@crossfitcharlottesville.com if you’re coming in to town!

What is a WOD?

We refer to our daily workouts as “Workouts of the Day” or a WOD, and these will be updated the night before the workout.

What are all the weird abbreviations people use and why do we post on the website?

Rx – “As Prescribed” (WOD performed according to posted weights, reps and movement standards)
# – used to replace “pounds” for weights
PR – Personal Record
1RM – One Rep Max

There are other abbreviations used as well, but you’ll pick them up as you go (T2B = Toes to Bar, PU = Push/Pull Up, etc.).

Also, the website is really helpful for keeping track of progress over time through the use of Trackbacks (links to the last time a WOD was done at the gym) and the search bar. For example, if you see that Push Press is coming up in a WOD but don’t know what weight to do, search for “Push Press” and you can see what you did last time or gauge the weights used by athletes of comparable proficiency.

Why is membership more expensive than [insert name here]?

The short answer is it’s not. The cost of Charlottesville’s gyms and health clubs don’t include personalized small group training. They can have thousands of members because they know you won’t use the gym.

Our higher prices reflect our commitment to offering you the best possible personal fitness training in all of Charlottesville. Think about how much small group sessions or personal training sessions cost you ($20 to $100/hour). At CrossFit Charlottesville, we charge our members less than $10 per class which is a great deal.

Remember, we don’t just show you a machine and tell you to use it, we work with you, teach you new movements, focus on your specific goals and make sure that you are reaping the benefits of CrossFit.

I’m a woman. Will lifting weights give me “Popeye” arms and a huge neck?

There is a common misconception that lifting weights will gives women massive shoulders and huge arms. With CrossFit, you will experience improved muscular tone, but unless you eat massive amounts of food you will not become bulky.

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