Get Two Weeks Free If You Visit Us This Year For An Intro Class!

If you have always wanted to try out CrossFit Charlottesville, then this is the time to do it!  We are offering a 2-WEEK TRIAL FREE to anyone who comes and checks out one of our Free Intro Classes from now until the end of the year.

Why should you try CrossFit?

  • Camraderie: We have created a unique community at CrossFit Charlotteville based on fitness, fun, and group training with personalized attention.  Come see why this is the most fun and challenging workout you will ever experience.
  • Structure: We have structured programs aimed at giving you the best possible fitness experience.  You won’t see any machines at CrossFit Charlottesville; you will use barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells, ropes, rings, rowers, your own body and more to make you the best you can be with our structured guidance.  With a CrossFit membership you can reap the benefits of CrossFit, C’ville Burn, and C’ville Strength programming.
  • Goals: We have a team of passionate and dedicated trainers that are here to help you with your fitness goals.  With 40+ years combined training experience and 30+ certifications held, there is someone here to help you meet your needs.
  • Functionality:  We don’t call it constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement for nothing!  Re-learn what the human body is capable of by transforming yourself using CrossFit methodologies.
  • Scalability:  Our program is designed to meet the needs of any level of athlete, so that beginners and advanced people alike will get an awesome workout.  We offer different levels of our workouts, so ANYONE can see benefits from their training.  We also offer an optional Essentials program for new members, which is an instructional program designed at getting you ready for regular classes.

Watch this video to learn more about our gym.

We offer FREE Intro classes every week:

  • Monday at 6:15PM
  • Wednesday at 6:15PM
  • Saturday at Noon

Either show up unannounced during those time a few minutes early, call us at 434-260-0209, or send us an email and we’ll make sure you experience the most awesome, results-based approach to your fitness goals.

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