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The Hook Cover Story “The Fast and the furious: New gym says slashing your workout time can make you fitter

CrossFit workouts are designed to follow “functional” movements, i.e. those you actually use during the day for tasks like picking up heavy boxes, reaching for something on a high shelf, or even sitting on the toilet. You don’t use fancy machines during your regular life, so it follows– at least according to CrossFit theory– that you don’t need fancy machines to get in shape. The other key elements of CrossFit: the exercises are constantly varied and performed at a high intensity.

Charlottesville Newsplex’s “Charlottesville Home to One of the Fittest Women in the World

At first glance you may not think Martha Redinger was 55, and inside her small frame packs a lot of power and strength that comes from CrossFit training…Given her countless training hours and impressive strength, Redinger was ranked 15th in the world, qualifying her to compete in the 55-59 age group at the CrossFit Games.

The Hook Weddings “CrossFit Bridal Bootcamp

You don’t need fancy machines, a fancy starve yourself juice diet, or daily 20 mile runs to get the bridal body you’ve always wanted-by focusing on overal strength, and targeting your core (the key to total body fitness), you’ll have a spring-worthy body, and with CrossFit, you’ll get it in half the time you expected!

NBC 29’s “SuperFit Challenge, Making Athletes Sweat to Benefit the Community

Over 200 athletes came from all over the East Coast to compete in this two day competition [in Charlottesville]. However, this group isn’t just muscles and stamina, they are all part of a bigger goal which is giving back to the community.

Make Dan Sweat & Charlottesville Newsplex “CrossFit for Kids

For this week’s segment of Make Dan Sweat. CBS19’s Dan Schutte tried his hand at a program aimed at getting today’s youth into healthy routines early in life. The program is similar to CrossFit, except it is aimed at a younger audience.

The Hook Special Issue Cover “Health and Fitness” 

The Daily Progress & Charlottesville Women “Change it Up with CrossFit

But one of the main things that sets apart CrossFit Charlottesville from other gyms, is the camaraderie between the people there. The trainers are very interactive, making sure your form is correct, but also there to push you to your full potential, not letting you quit and cheering you on! The small group setting allows you to also workout with like minded people who are going through the same grueling workout.  The #1 rule at the gym is “No Egos Allowed.” While others can help push you to do better in some friendly competition, you need to remember each person has their strengths and weaknesses and you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. It’s all about pushing yourself to do better and improving on what you’ve previously done.

Charlottesville Newsplex “CrossFit Challenge Raises Money for the Boys and Girls Club

“We are hosting a fitness competition called the “Superfit Games”. This our third year. Athletes compete in a variety of different disciplines,” said event organizer Kyle Redinger.  Crossfit Charlottesville hosted the event and donated proceeds to the Boys and Girls Club of Central Virginia.  Participants were excited to see Crossfit Charlottesville give back to the local community. “I’m happy to be here and I’m happy for what they do this area,” said Brandon Gardner.

Charlottesville Newsplex “Blog of the Week

Crossfit is a unique training experience, and the accompanying blog is unique as well. Crossfit Charlottesville offers exercise tips, nutrition advice, and maybe best of all, a chance to make connections with other fitness-minded people in our area.

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