Getting Started


Step 1: Try and Compare (Recommended)

  • Read testimonials from our members.
  • Compare value. We offer small group training led by certified instructors; our average member comes 3 or 4 times per week; our clients experience incredible results; and you begin a lifelong, social fitness journey. We provide so much more value when you experience results and the environment we’ve created. Scroll down for prices.
  • Years of Experience: Over 12 years training all types of clients
  • Class Schedule: 7 to 10 classes per day to fit any schedule
  • Program Variety: CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Bootcamp
  • Training Staff: 12 Trainers; 70+ Years Training Experience; 30+ Certifications Held
  • Open Gym Time: Open lifting during regular class times; Saturday make-up sessions
  • Competitive Wins: 7x CrossFit Games competitors; Many local wins
  • Intro Program: Optional Essentials classes for newer members
  • Facility: 5,000 Square Feet; Best in class

Step 2: Register for a Free Class!

Join us on Saturdays at Noon for a free introduction class, or contact us to talk about how we can introduce you to our gym. You must register online for an intro class by creating an account and signing up for the class (click button below).  Wear your workout clothes, bring some water, and be prepared for a workout and an introduction to the CrossFit methodology – we promise you’ll have fun and get in a great workout!

Step 3: Essentials Classes (strongly encouraged)

We encourage new members to attend our Essentials classes every Monday and Wednesday at 6:15PM and Saturdays at Noon.

In order to give our athletes the best possible experience, we ask them participate in our flexible “Essentials” classes which are small group sessions designed to introduce athletes to the CrossFit methodology and movements. The classes are designed to help you build the confidence and familiarity with what we do in our CrossFit classes.

Our Essentials Program is Easy to Follow

We encourage new members to complete the Essentials process, but you are welcome to attend any class if you feel comfortable or have scheduling issues.

Essentials is 6 separate classes, so if you are able to commit to Essentials for 2 weeks we will cover all of the movements necessary to be successful in our CrossFit classes.

The first Monday of each month starts the new rotation of our Essentials program, and on the third Monday of each month we start the rotation over.  If you have experience with some of the movements that we do in CrossFit, you will be able to know exactly which classes you might need to attend for further instruction.

  1. Class 1 (Monday): Squatting (Back Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat) + WOD
  2. Class 2 (Wednesday): Cleans (Hang Power Clean, Power Clean) + WOD
  3. Class 3 (Saturday): Gymnastics (Ring Work and Pull-up Bar Work) + WOD reinforcing gymnastics movements learned
  4. Class 4 (Monday): Pressing (Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk) + WOD
  5. Class 5 (Wednesday): Snatches (Hang Power Snatch, Power Snatch) + WOD
  6. Class 6 (Saturday): Miscellaneous Skills (Hip Hinging in Deadlift, Kettlebells, etc.) + WOD

Alternately, if those times do not work for you, all of our classes include instruction for all levels of athletes, and you are welcome to attend any class if you feel comfortable or have scheduling issues.

Step 4: CrossFit Classes

Membership Type

12 Month

6 Month

Month to Month

Regular Unlimited

$149 /month

$159 /month

$169 /month

Regular 3X/Week

$139 /month

$149 /month

$159 /month

Regular 2X/Week

$125 /month

$135 /month

$145/ month

There are further 10% discounts for couples, students and active duty military.

We’re the best results-oriented gym in central Virginia. You get personal attention everyday. If you want to see a change in your life, contact us and we’ll talk about membership and details.

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