Use this page for fixing your problems. Everyone has mobility problems to some extent and should be focusing on one of these areas every single day.  This is officially your homework for the rest of your life. Special thanks to Ben, Jason and Chris for putting this together!

Spend at least 90 seconds in each position and rotate through each major problem area with at least 1 stretch per day. 


Fixing The Following Issues:

  • Weight Shifting Forward to Toes
  • Hip Crease Can’t Move Below the Knee Without Rounding of Lower Back
  • Torso Shifts Too Far Forward in Bottom Squat
  • Low Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Knees Rotate in While Squatting

Day 1: Low Squat [vid]
Day 2: Couch Stretch [vid]
Day 3: Calf Work [vid]
Day 4: Pole Lunge [vid]
Day 5: Pigeon Pose on Box [vid]
Day 6: Reverse Ballerina [vid]
Day 7: Seated Figure 4 [vid]
Day 8: Deep Lunge [vid]
Day 9: Cossack Lunges [vid]
Day 10: Deep Box Flexion [vid]
Day 11: Adductor Stretch on Wall [vid]

Day 12: Wall Squat [vid]


Fixing the Following Issues:

  • Can’t Setup a Proper Deadlift
  • Low Back Pain
  • Rounded Back While Deadlifting
  • Tight Hamstrings
  • Weight on Toes While Deadlifting

Day 1: All 4s Hip Mobilization [vid]

Day 2: Band Hamstrings [vid]

Day 3: Hamstrings on Box [vid]

Overhead/Rack Position

Fixing the Following Issues:

  • Pain in Wrist While Overhead/Front Squatting
  • Overhead and Front Squat Significantly Lags Back Squat Weights
  • Rounded Back While Front Squatting
  • Bar Moves Forward While Overhead Squatting

Day 1: Band Lat Stretch [vid]
Day 2: Front Rack Stretch [vid]
Day 3: Band Pec Stretch [vid]
Day 4: Band Mid Back Stretch [vid]
Day 5: PVC Lat Stretches [vid]
Day 6: Shoulder Impingement Mobility [vid]
Day 7: Front Squat Rack with Ext. Rotation [vid]
Day 8: Hanging in Chinup [vid]
Day 9: Airplane Crash [vid]
Day 10: Wall Tricep Stretch [vid]


Fixing the Following Issues:

  • Poor, Uncomfortable Dip Position
  • Shoulder Pain After Dips

Sink Shoulder Stretch [vid]

Clean/Snatch Pull

Fixing the Following Issues:

  • Arms Don’t Come High and Outside
  • Slow Transition Around Bar

Day 1: Bully Stretch [vid]
Day 2: Internal Rotation Butt Bridge [vid]

Split Jerk

Fixing the Following Issues:

  • Landing Position in Jerk
  • Flexibility Problem Getting Deep Enough

Day 1: Split Jerk Lunge on Box [vid]
Day 2: Bulgarian Box Lunge [vid]

Soft Tissue

Fixing the Following Issues:

  • Tight Body Parts
  • Muscle and Fascia Inflammation
  • Impingements
  • General Overall Mobility

Day 1: Ball External Rotators [vid]
Day 2: Lax Ball Hamstrings [vid]
Day 3: Thoracic Extension on Double Lax Ball [vid]
Day 4: Upper Back Lax Ball Work [vid]
Day 5: Foam Roller Extension [vid]
Day 6: Rolling Quads [vid]
Day 7: Rolling Calves [vid]
Day 8: Lax Ball VMO [vid]
Day 9: Lax Ball Flexor Wad [vid]
Day 10: Lax Ball Butt [vid]
Day 11: Lax Ball in Pec [vid]
Day 12: Feet [vid]


Toe Point Stretches [vid]
Wrist Work: [vid]

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