Jessalyn Fink

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Trainer Information

Position: Trainer

CrossFitter since: August 2010

Trainer since: June 2013

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1

Why I train: It’s exciting! CrossFit is both challenging and empowering, and that’s something I want to help others discover. It’s not about who’s fastest or who got the most reps or who lifted the heaviest weights; it’s about honing strengths and improving weaknesses, and it’s especially about celebrating those things with a community of support. Doing CrossFit doesn’t just make you better at doing CrossFit–it positively impacts multiple areas of daily living. So, I train because I believe CrossFit is life-changing, but I also train because as someone who once finished every WOD dead last, I believe everyone deserves a personal cheerleader every now and then.

Favorite Movements: Overhead Squats, push jerks, and anything in a handstand.

Personal Records

Snatch: 110#

Clean and Jerk: 135#

Back Squat: 175#

Deadlift: 190#

Strict Standing Press: 87#

5k Time: 27:28

Fran: 5:50

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