Joe Walpole

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Trainer Information

Position: Trainer

CrossFitter since: July 2010

Trainer since: January 2012

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1

Why I train CrossFit: I’ve spent the last few years evangelizing CrossFit to everyone I know because I love what it has given me. I love teaching, so as a trainer I get to do something I really enjoy while giving back a little of what I’ve received.

Personal Records

Bodyweight: 150#

Snatch: 100#

Clean and Jerk: 125#

Backsquat: 225#

Deadlift: 253#

Strict Standing Press: 100#

5k Time: 24:21

400 m: 1:29

Max Pullups: 12

Fran: 7:52 (67#)

Helen: 13:35

Filthy Fifty: 35:32 (14# WB)

Fight Gone Bad: 277

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