Martha Redinger

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Trainer Information

Position: CrossFit Trainer

CrossFitter since: 2009

Trainer since: 2012

Why I train: The CrossFit community and methodology brings the possibility for individuals to reach their best athletic performance across a broad spectrum no matter age, gender, or athletic background. I hope to convey this to every member at CrossFit Charlottesville and love seeing the smiles that come with their achievements.

Personal Records

Bodyweight: 112#

Snatch: 75#

Clean and Jerk: 101#

Back Squat: 177#

Deadlift: 188#

Fran: 7:18

Cindy: 20

5K: 22:30

13th in the World CrossFit Games, 2012 (Master’s Women 55-59)

16th in the World CrossFit Games, 2013 (Master’s Women 55-59)

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