Nick Endres

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Trainer Information

Position: Trainer

CrossFitter since: August 2015

Trainer since: June 2016

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1

Why I train CrossFit:  It’s the best way to test and raise your individual fitness.  It is also, as you hear most say, one of the best pictures of community where people of all different backgrounds come together to push and work through tough daily challenges.  When you combine those two factors, fitness and community, it’s a no-brainer to me why I love training and helping others in Crossfit.

Personal Records

Bodyweight: 165#

Snatch: 170#

Clean and Jerk: 235#

Pull-Ups: 21 (strict)

½ Marathon: 1:41.22

Marathon: 3:45.54

Filthy Fifty: 21:33

Grace: 2:59

Helen: 9:40 (Hilly course)

Jackie: 6:51

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