Scott Linton

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Trainer Information

Position: Trainer & General Manager

CrossFitter since: September 2010

Trainer since: August 2011

Certifications: CrossFit Level 2, USAW Level 1 Performance Coach

Why I train CrossFit: One of the most rewarding things about being a trainer is watching people of varied athletic backgrounds and abilities make incredible gains over time. It motivates me to keep pushing myself every day too.

Personal Records

Bodyweight: 165#

Snatch: 230#

Clean: 300#

Clean and Jerk: 290#

Front Squat: 355#

Back Squat: 415#

Deadlift: 435#

Strict Standing Press: 185#

400 m: 62 sec

5k Time: 21:19

Fran: 2:38

Helen: 8:28 (on the hilly course)

Jackie: 5:40

Filthy Fifty: 17:30

Grace: 1:40

Isabel: 2:03

2 Comments on “Scott Linton

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  2. Thanks for a great workout Monday. I normally would not be in the area but I was covering for my work associate who iss recovering from back surgery. If I am ever back in the area I will most certainly be back there. I will recommend it to anyone I here that may be coming your way. Thanks again for taking time to discuss and help out with my failing shoulders!

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