Our Facility

  • Facility: Click Here for more pictures of our training facility
  • Read testimonials from our members Here
  • Compare value: We offer small group training led by certified instructors; our average member comes 3 or 4 times per week; our clients experience incredible results; and you begin a lifelong, social fitness journey. We provide so much more value when you experience results and the environment we’ve created. Visit our “Getting Started” page for pricing.
  • Years of Experience: Over 10 years training all types of clients
  • Class Schedule: 7 to 10 classes per day to fit any schedule
  • Program Variety: CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Bootcamp
  • Training Staff: 15+ Trainers; 70+ Years Training Experience; 30+ Certifications Held
  • Open Gym Time: Open lifting during regular class times; Saturday make-up sessions
  • Competitive Wins: 7x CrossFit Games competitors; Many local wins
  • Intro Program: Optional Essentials classes for newer members
  • Nutrition Challenge: 10 Years Running; Over 100 Finishers!
  • Facility: 5,000 Square Feet; Best in class
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