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CrossFit Charlottesville has offered CrossFit classes for over 12 years. We’re honored to serve the health of the Charlottesville community. We pride ourselves on providing safe, appropriate and effective workouts that will leave you feeling BUILT, not BURNT.

Our mission is to help people look good and move well.

Get excited to change your body – and still attack the rest of your day!

Introducing Persist – a complete workout plan brought to you by 7x Crossfit Games Athlete Marcus Filly to get fit AND build eye popping muscle:

  • even if you have limited time to train
  • even if you get bored super easily

and especially if you’ve crushed yourself with punishing workouts, and STILL don’t look the way you want.

Avoid spinning your wheels and wondering why you’re working so hard – only to end up injured, drained, and second-guessing your plan. It’s time to put your training in the hands of an expert and finally love the way you look and move.



No matter when you join, there’s a plan to build your skills, strength, stamina – and build visible muscle too. Random workouts get random results – so each training block of the year will purposefully build on the last.


Every week blends high effort conditioning with slower, quality-focused work so you recover and still make gains. Strength work is balanced, too – so you’ll build muscle from head to toe, without overtaxing any one area at a time.


You don’t have to get another subscription or carve out extra time for “recovery work” – roll it all into your session and be done for the day.

Do you remember…NOOB GAINS?

That magical time when you first discovered fitness and bought some shiny new shorts and shoes. Every week – a new PR! You were so pumped to get to the gym, because you unlocked skill after skill like a video game:

Strict pull-ups. Stronger squats. Feeling like you weren’t going to die every time you did burpees.

And not only that, your body transformed before your eyes. New muscles started popping. Your clothes fit better – or you had to buy new ones altogether.

And then…the plateau

The gains were fewer and further apart. Life got busy – and with it, your enthusiasm slipped. You hit the “fuck it” button more often on weekends out with friends…or during the week. Nagging injuries started to pop up.

You doubled down.

The more intensity the better, right? Hard work pays off – so you worked harder. You went Rx. Or joined the competitor track. Then you sleepwalked through your job, through your family time, choking down supplements. You bought more shoes…

Only to end up stressed, burned out, and still not looking the way you want.

What if your workouts got you confident and fit – and you still had energy left over?

In a culture of MORE HARDER FASTER, it’s hard to see how holding back could actually work better – especially if you love the rush of working hard.

But then why do…

  • professional sports include an off season?
  • endurance athletes do tons of low effort work?
  • top CrossFit athletes turn to bodybuilding after competing?

You see, the secret of staying athletic and looking good is by not stressing out your body with one punishing workout after the next. By knowing exactly when to to push and when to pull back, you can stay in the game and keep your results for years.

Imagine waking up excited to train – years after you started this program.

You open your eyes, stretch, and feel that perfect touch of soreness – enough to know you trained hard, but you can still sit on the toilet without wincing in pain.

As you pass by the mirror, you do your morning flex – and you like what you see.

Your body hums with energy, and you dress feeling confident in how your clothes fit.

You glance at your app and see brand new workouts – and you can’t wait to get after it, knowing you’ll still crush your presentation later.

It feels good to know that every move is there for a reason – and will help you feel fit, look great, and stay motivated to train.

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